Monday, October 3, 2011

Sky 45 and an audience with the sheep

Possibly the last of the gloriously unseasonal weather today. The wind is starting to blow and the forecast is changing and sounding more autumnal.

We took a walk across the fields to see the sheepies and this is about the best of my sky photos taken from Plake field and looking into Damson field.

The sheep looked up as we came near and some scattered. As is my custom I said hello to them and for some reason I started singing whereupon lots of heads were raised and they all started coming towards us.

I took this first photo with the flash and I love it as it makes their eyes look like torches!

Mike joined in with the sing-song and we gave them a varied repertoire ranging from Away in a Manger to some Cole Porter, interspersed with lots of giggling. However, when we launched into the Beatles they showed their disapproval by walking off en masse.

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Shan said...

Love the robo-sheep!