Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 January 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

The weather today has been wonderful with a beautiful blue sky highlighting the bare branches of the trees.  I often take my camera with me on my runs and today I thought I'd upload some of the images that caught my eye.  I ran 5.5 miles at a good pace although I huffed and puffed up the hills - it was then that I remembered that I hadn't used my asthma inhaler; oops!

This first lane has dried up considerably since I ran along it on Christmas Day when it was just a sheet of water pouring down the whole lane.  Today there were just a couple of rivulets on either side.  I love the way the sunlight shines on the wet tarmac.

Blue sky showing the bare branches of trees and hedges in stark contrast
I had to take a photo of this tree as when I ran past the other day there was a tiny kitten curled up asleep in the hole.  It must have been one of the many feral cats that farmers keep around to fend off the mice and rats.  It was like a scene from Tolkien but sadly I didn't have the camera with me then.

Gully full of leaves with water run-off from the fields
View from up high

Rolling fields and trees
Big bales of hay wrapped up in plastic jackets!
A tangle of coppiced chestnut stools

Ploughed fields and copses
Rolling hills with a young vineyard in the lower right of the foreground
I am incredibly lucky to have such countryside to run through.  I'd really like to go for a run off-road but everywhere is saturated, if not flooded, so I shall have to wait until it dries out a bit before I venture through the fields.

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