Thursday, January 3, 2013

And she's off!

This year is going to be all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying things I haven't done before.

So here are my starter projects:

Knitting project ready to start - the one-colour Jacki scarf in brioche stitch, by Nancy Marchant.  This is going to take quite a bit of concentration so definitely not a project for TV viewing, at least not until I've got the increases and decreases in my head.  The yarn arrived today and I will be casting on tomorrow.

Crochet - the overlay crochet cushion that I wrote about back in October but didn't start as I had lots of Christmas projects to get through.  That will be my lunchtime project as it uses fine thread and so I need good light to do it.

Embroidery - I'm about to start a batch of little samples to mount on one of those box canvases with deep sides.  The samples will be of anything that catches my eye and will be embroidered as and when I find something suitable.

Patchwork - I've sorted out lots of fabrics to play with for a 'crazy patchwork' cushion cover.  I won't be starting this just yet but I want the fabrics ready and waiting.

Painting - Mike's got me doing paint effects on some of the plain frames he's bought for his paintings.  I love doing this!

Running - I'm getting right into my latest training schedule and it's a tough one.  If this doesn't make me faster then nothing will!  I do, however, still seem to be having a few problems with my breathing so it's off to see the asthma nurse again.  Today was 7 miles at marathon pace which is not easily done on my hilly routes.

Gardening - at last the rain has abated so I can get out there and do some tidying.

Mike and I went mooching around a secondhand bookshop yesterday and I pounced upon this wonderful book of knitted lace.  The fly-cover may be tatty but the patterns are lovely.  The author, Marianne Kinzel, was born in Austria but she left her home country in wartime to settle with her husband in England.

Inside, there is this beautiful dedication.  I do hope that our country still provides a haven for those in need.

Flicking through the book reminded me that I must show a photo of a knitted doily thingy I made for a Christmas present but that will have to wait until another time. 

Today I went to church to dismantle my tree.  It still looked so pretty and even when I added it to the pile of trees in the churchyard waiting to be recycled, the little confetti snowflakes and their glitter still glinted and gleamed.  My crocheted snowflakes have been packed away carefully for future use.

As there were only a few of us pottering around in the church I took the opportunity to take some photos of designs that caught my eye.
Terracotta and blue tiles
The tiny stained glass windows above the main feature window
The flowers are different in each set which I hadn't noticed before
One of several proud lambs around the chandelier
Ethereal faces
Glorious brocade fabric

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