Sunday, January 6, 2013


First thing this morning

When the early morning mist cleared, the first thing I saw was a flock of several hundred rooks descending on the horses field.  They are most welcome as they aerate the ground with their big strong beaks in their search for grubs and they sift through the horse poo eating all the worm eggs.

The first 4 photos were taken through glass so may appear a bit cloudy.

Our next visitors were two beautiful cock pheasants.   They have the most amazing colours in their feathers.  It's still the open season for shooting them so they have taken refuge on our land where they are safe from men with guns but not necessarily safe from a hungry fox.

A brace of pheasants
This young moorhen was very brave and came right up onto the patio while I was sitting reading the paper!

Ooooo, I wonder what's in there?
On my way back from feeding the horses this beautiful lichen caught my eye.  I love the contrast of the frilly grey/green one against the furry gold/ochre.  Seeing something so beautiful makes me want to capture it in embroidery so I've started scribbling in my notebook.

The beginning of my Brioche project

This is my progress on the Jacki scarf.  I think I've got the pattern in my head now so it can be my TV project.   This Artesano alpaca yarn is wonderfully soft to work with and I love this deep teal colourway.

The start of my long runs

This morning I ran 12.5 miles which was my first run over 10 miles for a few weeks.  I was very wheezy on the hills thanks to my asthma and felt incredibly tired afterwards - not superhuman after all then!  Hopefully I'll buck up a bit in the coming weeks.

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