Thursday, June 28, 2007

One down one to go

At long last I've finished my first ever glove knitted in the Fair Isle style of stranded work (I hope that's the correct way to describe it as I know that Fair Isle is just one technique of stranded colourwork).

I found it incredibly absorbing, very frustrating at times (when I couldn't work out how to do the fingers) but most of all enjoyable and I am looking forward to starting the next one. I love the colours and they will go really well with my winter coat. As we have already passed the longest day the nights are already drawing in!

I'm starting to feel much better about the 50 mile challenge now as Alison's stretches are starting to make a difference to how my hips/legs/back and groin feel. In fact, this morning was the first time for several weeks that I've got out of bed and haven't winced at the pain in my groin. I did 5.5 miles of hills on Tuesday and 3 miles cross country yesterday and felt OK so I'm taking a rest day today. I've got an appointment to see Mary Massage Lady on Monday next week and I know she'll help loosen up the residual stiffness in my lower back. In the meantime I've been using the Stick to massage my ITBs and piriformis and although I was quite sceptical about it's efficacy to begin with, I have to say it really has hit the spot. I was due to run the Bewl 15 this weekend but I decided against it as I don't want to cause any more damage. I emailed the Race director and told him my predicament and he replied by saying that he'd transfer my entry to next year. How very kind!

I couldn't resist snapping the two boys dozing. Barney's saying "he's my brother and I love him"

Awww, how sweet!

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Steph said...

gorgeous glove!

congrats on your 50th & your marathon!

I'm training for Barb's Race in early August, a half ironman distance race for women only in Sonoma California.