Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to normal?

Oh I do hope so!

Our broadband connection has been repaired and after a few days of cutting out intermittently it seems to have settled down.

So it's time for an update on life apart from dementia and fund-raising.


The day of reckoning is drawing near - the Brighton 10k on Sunday 17th November. Ever since my surprise 10k triumph on my birthday I've been doing a variety of speedwork sessions each week to try and get faster.

My target is to finish in 53 minutes or less and my training suggests that that is achievable. But of course there are the variables - asthma, the weather (it can be windy down on the coast), how I feel on the day etc etc.

It would be wonderful to set a new personal best (pb) time there as I established a new marathon pb there earlier in the year. Fingers crossed anyway.


The weather is definitely getting cooler so it was time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the woolies. As I sorted through my knitwear Mike commented that I don't wear this cardigan much:

It's the Oregon cardigan, designed by Alice Starmore and I've knit it twice; once for me and then for a friend. My friend loves hers and whenever I wear mine I get "oohs" and "aahs" from everyone. Over on Ravelry  everyone who's made it loves theirs.

So it got me thinking why I don't wear it more often. The colours are glorious and it took ages to knit but I don't like the shape of it as I think it's a bit old-fashioned (I expect fans of Alice Starmore will be screaming at me for that!). The other thing I don't like much is the bulkiness of the steek stitches along the buttonband and I wish that I'd created a steek-sandwich as used by Kate which gives a sturdier finish.

I shall however try to wear it more often and learn to love it as it really is a beautiful stitch pattern and it's lovely and warm.

My only other large item of Fair Isle knitting is the Autumn Rose pullover by Eunny Yang and I love it to bits. I love the colours, the pattern and more importantly the fit of it. The only thing that's a bit off is the neckline which tends to curl but I much prefer this modern take on Fair Isle.

My favourite small Fair Isle project is this pair of seahorse mittens designed by Torirot. A lovely design based on the traditional Selbu work of Norway.

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