Sunday, November 17, 2013


Lovely city - yep

Interesting and eclectic mix of shops and buildings - yep

Good food - yep

Good weather for a 10k? Oh yes. 'Twas the perfect weather for a 10k!

First things first. A nice Americano to give me a caffeine boost
Then a pose in front of Brighton pier
Time for a warm-up before Mike headed off for a wander whilst I got on with my pre-race routine
How did I get on?

52 minutes 48 seconds since you ask and a new personal best time. Mike managed to snap this photo as I was sprinting towards the finish line and I managed to give him the thumbs up sign to say everything was OK.

Apparently he was a bit worried because he saw the time clock was showing 54 minutes as I passed him and he knew I was aiming for sub 53 minutes. But my time wasn't based on the clock time but on my chip time which was only activated when I crossed the start line so I was quicker than he thought.

Even my watch time, which I'd started just before I crossed the start line, was 3 seconds slower than my actual time!
I only had one dodgy  section in the race at around mile 4 when we turned and had to run into the wind. It wasn't a strong wind but it did manage to take my breath away a bit and it took a while to get it back under control. It also meant that I had to up my pace considerably for the last mile and then sprint for the final 800 metres.

I had the biggest smile ever on my face when I crossed the finish line.

More photos to follow soon.

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