Friday, February 15, 2008

Knit Today Magazine

As I'm now fully into fund-raising mode I've started to contact everyone who helped me with publicity last year. After the London marathon I was contacted by Janice Broadstock, the editor of Knit Today magazine and she very kindly put a little article about my antics in the magazine. This time I contacted her and she replied almost immediately offering to do a little write-up in issue 20 which is due out at the end of March, just in time for the London marathon. I suggested that she could mention that people might like to come and have a 'Knit-Out' too as it's a lovely day out (weather permitting!) and there is a great pub at about mile 18 which is really close to the road so you get to see the runners close up. She even said she might pop along herself. What a star!

I know the Alzheimer's Research Trust will be happy to provide everyone with lovely purple tee shirts and it would be wonderful to be greeted by a group of knitters at a point where I will most likely be getting tired.

We tried to organise it last year but sadly Rachael Matthews (a talented knit designer) didn't have any luck getting people together in time. What I really need is someone to co-ordinate it and organise a knitting group so I might try contacting one of the knitting groups in central London to see if they could help.

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