Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pounding out the miles

Well it was more like squelching actually as the ground is so wet and claggy after all the rain we've had recently. At least it wasn't flooded though and I just had to deal with loads of mud rather than flood water. I did 16 miles across the fields today and it was quite a struggle 'cos of all the slipping and sliding around in the mud. Never mind, it's another long run under my belt. Photos will be uploaded soon........

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Linda said...

I just found your blog today, and read your Mum's story. It's very similar to my mum's story. When she was 65, we noticed she was starting to behave a bit oddly, but nothing terrible. As the years wore on, we moved her in with my sister, and for the last five years, she did not recognize me or my brothers; she referred to my sister as "her mother". She saw other people all the time, too. Things got so bad last winter, when she started hitting my sister, the decision was made to place her in a nursing home; she died in her sleep four days after that decision was made. She was 78. It makes me so mad - she was in perfect health otherwise, and should have been enjoying her children and grandchildren instead of being in the grip of this terrible disease.

My sympathies to you.