Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Walks and a Triumphant sock

I forgot to write about a lovely walk Mike and I did last week. It was a 7 mile route around the village of Salehurst and the footpath took us alongside the beautiful church of St Mary the Virgin, a 13th century chapel, so we went in for a look. This first thing that struck us was the glorious stained glass window above the entrance. The colours are jewel-like and absolutely gorgeous.

Just inside the porch we spotted this most impressive font. It dates back to the times of the Crusades and was reputedly a gift from Richard 1st as a thank you to the Abbot of Robertsbridge for assisting him. At the base of the font you can see the salamanders which are a symbol associated with the Crusades. You can see a good photo of the interior of the church here

On the way back we passed through several orchards and I took this photo because the apple trees looked almost alien and I loved the shapes their bare branches made. You can see that the farmer had been busy pruning them and all the prunings are laid out neatly in piles ready for collection.

Our walk yesterday took us across the fields not far from home. It was an unseasonally warm day. We crossed a field of ewes who looked as if they were getting close to lambing. One of them was especially friendly and took a liking to Mike. I think she was trying to see if he had anything to eat in his pocket!
She followed us all the way to the stile and stayed to watch us walk along the lane. Awwh!

Last but not least, I've finally got round the heel on my sock and it fits this time. HOORAH!!! There's about 1" to go before I work the toe so it should be finished tomorrow with a bit of luck. Here's a sneaky peak. There will be more photos soon 'cos I'm rather pleased with it now (hope that isn't tempting fate for the toe!).

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