Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sock it to me!

I finally did it and I learnt so much on the journey. I love the colours of the yarn, although they don't show up very well in the photos.

The fit around my instep is spot on now and I'll have to remember to fiddle with any future patterns to accommodate my high instep and chunky ankles. I also tried Kitchener stitch to bind off the toe. I've used it on shoulder seams before but not on something knit in the round. It took a couple of goes but I got there in the end.

One thing I will have to get used to, never having had hand knitted socks before, is the feel of the stitches on my sole - they feel kind of lumpy (yeah, I know they're knit stitches so they're bound to but I just hadn't expected it!). Tinker decided to lend a hand in the photography but got bored and left part way through, just staying long enough to demonstrate how well the colours go with his beautiful ginger coat!

Here it is, unblocked. Now, what's the best way to block when you haven't got sock-blockers? Maybe a bent wire coat-hanger? Does it actually need blocking? I shall ponder these questions whilst I continue making some curtains.

At the beginning of the week the weather forecast for Sunday (Steyning marathon) was dire but has now been updated to be brighter. Fingers crossed anyway as last year was truly awful and I have never been so cold and wet.


heldasland said...

those are truly beautiful,well done susie.god luck with the marathon.Will you be knitting??

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Helda,

Thanks. No, no, no to knitting on the Steyning Stinger marathon - it will be hard enough slogging up those hills without knitting as well! The knitting is reserved for the London marathon in April which is on nice flat (well mostly) tarmac.

Monica said...

you are the master of knitting!
good luck with the marathon :-)