Monday, January 29, 2007

Cast Off at the London Marathon

I've just had a really nice email from Rachael Matthews, founder of the Cast Off Knitting Club in London. I'd been trying to get hold of her having read about her knitting club in Simply Knitting magazine. The site is well worth a look and you really should check out her photo album where you'll find her knitted wedding. Yes, I did mean to type 'knitted wedding'! From Rachael's dress & the groom's hat down to the sandwiches and cake, everything was knitted. What great fun. Here are some photos that Rachael has kindly allowed me to use to whet your appetite.

Anyway, the reason I contacted Rachael was to ask if she would like to come along to the marathon and organise a knit-in at the finish (the Cast-Off knitting club has been known to knit on the tube and was asked to leave the Savoy lounge because the click of their knitting pins!). Imagine my delight when Rachael said that she'd love to be involved and suggested that they could knit me a silver blanket for when I finish. Could it get any better?!!!!!! Well, yes it could actually as Rachael has very kindly offered to write about what I'm doing in her monthly column for Simply Knitting.

What I want more than anything is to raise awareness of the splendid work done by the Alzheimer's Research Trust and I think this should get lots of publicity. Michelle, from the ART is finding out where the knit-in could take place (as it's quite congested at the finish) and I'm sure she'll provide everyone with an ART tee shirt so there will be a mass of purple (my favourite colour) to greet me as I stagger across the finish line.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Taper time at last!

Hoorah, today I completed my last 20 miler before the Draycote 35 mile ultra marathon. Now I've got 3 weeks to taper and get myself thoroughly rested before the big day. It will also give me a chance to get in some more knitting and running practice. Here's a photo my husband took the other morning as I set off on a knitting run!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wild, wet and windy

What a dreadful 2 weeks we've had - gale-force winds and rain, rain, rain! Running has been dreary as apart from getting blown all over the place I've been soaked to the skin time and time again. Grumble, grumble, grumble. No chance of knitting/running practice at all. Surely the weather has to get better soon?