Saturday, November 27, 2021

Last minute yet again

I really do seem to have lost the blog-love at the moment which is a shame as I do enjoy looking back over the years and remembering how everything has developed. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose (with apologies for the lack of accents!). There was another marathon on Remembrance day, that was number 202, and it was especially poignant as some of our regular men from the armed forces were missing - 2 suffering from PTSD and 1 who sadly took his own life. It made the 2 minutes silence even more poignant looking out over the Channel at Samphire Hoe on what was a very dreary grey day but when the sea was the calmest I'd ever seen it. I found out later that 1200 desperate people had made the crossing from France to Dover on that day in ridiculously flimsy boats.
The amazing clouds and skies I saw have encouraged me to start taking photos of the sky at home each day so there will be lots more sky photos in future. I'm currently plotting my next fund-raising plans for 2022 and top of the list so far is another 100 mile event with the possibility of attempting 10 marathons in 10 days (gulp!). I'll keep on turning the ideas over in my mind and the solution will appear eventually. Of course, if Covid is still a major issue then all plans will go on hold yet again. Around the garden the colours of Autumn have been stunning and now all but the oak trees have shed their leaves.
I've nearly finished the Skog sweater and I've really enjoyed the gentle flow of plain stockinette punctuated by the pattern on the sleeves. I did a small swatch to see how the Kid Silk Haze worked when doubled for the motif:
Here's the 2nd sleeve part way through the pattern and below it is what the stretchy cast-on looks like:
Oddly enough I haven't felt the urge to crochet at all this year which is most unusual and needs to be rectified and I am definitely going to try harder to keep up to date on my blog as it's amazing how much I forget if I don't write about is things happen.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Just sneaking in an October update!

This month can be summarised in one word "changeable" in so many ways! I decided not to run the Beachy Head marathon, my favourite trail event, because it was a mass start rather than the safer staged start approach. I was sad but then glad when I heard that part of the route had been flooded and they turned it into a 2 lap event which missed out some of my favourite bits! People ended up getting faster times than usual as the route was far less challenging. Instead I trotted off to Betteshanger to do the SVN 500th event run, which had a field of less than 40 people, at which I achieved marathon 201 and got a huge medal:
Given the state of the pandemic I suspect I'll be doing more virtual marathons again this winter; we'll see anyway. On the knitting front I started Skog from Laine magazine 10. I loved this sweater as soon as I saw it and finally got round to starting it last week.
The yarn used is from Biches & Buches in the grey/green colourway and I love it! It's got a lovely knobbly tweedy texture. I did try swatching with mohair added to make the fabric a bit thicker, as I saw someone had done that, but it lost all the definition of the green tweed so I abandoned that idea.
I had to learn a new stretchy cast-on method for the hem ribbing. It took me ages to master it but I persevered and finally it all clicked into place (old dog/new tricks!!!) and I whizzed through the cast-on. The weather has been so changeable that one day it would be unseasonably hot, the next it was cold, wet and windy! I even wore my favourite wet-weather poncho to go to Yoga class one day:
I can't help but feel happy when wearing it! At the moment I've been taking lots of photos of the sky each day, morning and evening, so I'll share a few of my favourites here. We are blessed to have such a great expanse of sky and I never tire of looking at it - one of my favourites is the first one of the most perfect Harvest Moon I'd ever seen.

Monday, September 27, 2021

It's a Wrap!

On 2 levels, this weekend has seen 2 very different epic journeys completed!

First one is the Scout Shawl by Florence Spurling using a kit purchased from Loop London. This has been an absolute joy to knit with lots of interesting panels - like a sampler.

I can't wait to wear it with one of my green tweed jackets!

I quite enjoy the finishing of a project, weaving in all the loose ends.

Then it had a good soak before blocking

You had to twist the yarns around each time you met another section to avoid any gaps....

...and you had to do the same at each side with the border yarn

You may notice I've left some lengths of thread at each end in case I decide to make pompoms or tassels. I can't make my mind up yet.

The second epic event is even more epic - I've finally completed marathons 199 and 200 at beautiful Samphire Hoe and with my favourite Race Director, Traviss. It should have happened last year but we all remember what happened then so I'm just relieved to have finally got them done. 

So now it's time to catch up on some running with my last 4 medals:

From top left to right: I love the cow from the Bates Green Gallop and the fish is from Bewl and guess what? It's actually useful as it's a bottle opener!!!

Bottom layer: 199 was the Zombie Challenge but there was only 1 person dressed as a Zombie (which is most unusual as we're not usually averse to such silliness!) with 200 being the Mordor 'fun run' which is a misnomer as my quads were screaming at me from running on concrete on the sea wall - ouch!

This was Saturday for 199 (thanks for the photo Kirsty) - in the background you can see Lou who was running her 100th

It was rather misty at the start but it cleared later and the sun baked us!

Morning photos.....

Afternoon photos:

The beautiful and infamous "White Cliffs of Dover"

No blue birds flying over, just 7 hang-gliders. I couldn't focus 'cos the sun was so bright so I only managed to capture one.

Day 2 was very different as it was dull all day which was much better for running. I didn't take my camera with me so just enjoyed the experience. I ran alone until the penultimate lap which I completed with Jay and we had a jolly good natter then I headed out alone for my last lap.

So here it is, my journey to 200 marathons is complete. 

Now for the next adventure.......I shall have to put my thinking cap on but I suspect I'll be aiming for 300.  However, I'll need to include some dramatic stunts to get attention for Alzheimer's Research UK as I think almost everyone I know has now donated at least 10 times!!!