Sunday, April 21, 2024

A few bits and bobs

The title probably sounds quite old-fashioned but it's something my mum used to say when I was a child and it's just stuck! Google refers to it as "an assortment of small items" or in my world "an assortment of oddments". First is another Amyrillis in flower. This time it's a variegated version which I rather like.
I think it's the last to flower for this year unless, of course, I find another that I've squirreled away and forgotten about! The Camassias I planted in the orchard a few years have settled in really well. I was a bit unsure about putting them in such heavy and wet clay soil but apparently that's their native habitat in the USA.
Unfortunately, our resident Pheasant seems to be annoyed by them and keeps pecking off the flowers! No worries though as bring them in and plonk them in a jam jar on the kitchen windowsill and Shelley likes to sniff them!
I've just started a new crochet project to use up some of my Rowan Summer Tweed stash. Of course I have a supervisor to keep me on track!
I must go back through my knitting projects and see what I should share as I've had some lovely items recently, especially this jumper from Wool & Pine:
It doesn't look special when layed out like this but it's a joy to wear and the colour is beautiful.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Spring has sprung!

Spring is definitely my favourite season for so many reasons - I hate dark mornings but I love seeing all the flora and fauna bursting ibto life. Here are some photos of our recent visitors:
They're naughty and destroy the fruit trees but we don't mind as there's plenty for all of us. The next day after we had a mummy and 2 youngsters but we haven't seen them since. More of my Amarylis are flowering now and this next one is named 'Naughty Girl"!
As usual I have far too mnay knitting, crochet and sewing projects on the go which Shelley likes to help with! She also enjoys watching her new boyfriend from along the lane. As she's an indoor cat she's happy to play indoors and enjoys watching the wildlife through the windows. We do take her out on a lead sometimes but have to stay close to home as she gets terrified if a car/van passes along the lane.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Slowly trying get back into blogging

Hi everyone, with apologies for my absence but my hubby has been poorly, still is in fact. Had an operation but still has issues, so things are all topsy-turvy here at the moment. 2023 was a blur of hospitals and running for charity. So much has happened and I need to restart blogging asap before I forget eveything! Here's a photo of one of our Amarylis looking gorgous atm. She's named Susan which seems appropriate!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Then there was another sweater....

Or rather, before the shawl as I'm out of sync! This was the Sorrel sweater from Wool and Pine whose patterns are always enjoyable to knit.
It's constructed top-down which means you can try it on to check the fit/length etc as you go. This was more 4ply yarn from my stash together with the perfectly matched mohair from Jess at Pigment and Ply - she dyes the most beautiful colourways. The sweater is very warm and my only wish is that I'd had enough yarn to make full-length sleeves. Having said that, it looks fab with a chunky bracelet.

A little bit of a catch-up

First there was the Mkal from Stephen West. I'd never done any of his knit-alongs before but decided to dive into my stash and have a go and I'm so glad I did as it was such fun! I didn't start until the MKAL had finished as I had too many other projects on the go. It's called 'Twists and Turns'and was a delight to knit with excellent tutorials from Stephen and lots of support in the Ravelry groups.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Trying again!

OK, fed up of not being able to blog so trying again with a few snaps taken when the sun made an appearance after the snow & ice melted. Let's try a few more to see where it dumps them............

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Adventures in August

It should have been so simple; eat, sleep, run, repeat in training for my 10 marathons in 10 days. But that didn't take into account the exceedingly dry weather which made stiles wobbly and already unsecure footplates unsteady. I was running well, it was hot but bearable, everything felt good. When I placed my foot carefully onto the top footplate of a stile I suddenly found myself lying on the rock-hard ground with my left leg bent in a strange manner with my left food underneath it but twisted onto its side. Ouch, I shouted at the Universe! I observed my foot and thought it didn't look quite right and I wasn't wrong. I found just how sore it was as soon as I stood up. Oh bother, that meant I had to limp 3 miles across the fields to get home. I phoned Mike to let him know I was coming home slowly but didn't tell him what had happened as he would have freaked out with worry, bless him. By the time I was about .5 mile from home it stsrted hurting and was stiffening up. Hmmm, not a good sign. On further investigation at home it had started to swell up and there were signs of bruising all over the place. This was 2 weeks before my 10 in 10 and was a bit of a shock to say the least! So straight away I started following the RICE protocol which means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. I sought advice from all my running chums and they rallied round with lots of helpful suggestions such a Arnica cream for the bruising, Kale soup for healing, hot/cold treatment on the areas affected,Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling. I've been using my wobble board to get back the muscle memory that I've lost due to the sprain. It's great for proprioception and I'm starting to heal nicely now. The sad thing is that I wasn't recovered enough for the 10in10 so have had to postpone to a different one later in the year. In completing the 10 days I will have climbed circa 28,000ft - YIKES! Hopefully I'll be back out training again very soon. With apologies for the formatting but blogger isn't very helpful since it was taken over by Google!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Sneaking in a post before July is over!

Now where do I begin? Knitting? Too hot! Mike's cardigan is virtually finished and just awaiting buttons. Running? Yep, lots of that as it's getting scarily close to my 10 marathons in 10 days challenge (trying not to think too much about that!). Wildilfe? Let's start right there as we have been blessed with so much wild loveliness recently: The garden is certainly not looking its best right now and there are wildfires breaking out in the countryside. Everywhere is tinder dry and the village pub had a scary moment recently when their pizza oven caught fire. Thankfully it was spotted quickly and 2 fire engines came racing along the lane and put it out PDQ. Phew! Our wild visitors have been delighting us with their visits most mornings and first we have Mrs Duck and her babies:
Oh my goodness, she'd been sitting on a makeshift nest behind some large rocks in the yard and I really didn't expect her to manage to incubate the eggs without being discovered by Rooks/Crows/Badgers/Foxes but she did it! When she brought them round to show us she had 10 ducklings in tow. Sadly she lost one after a couple of days but atm she still has 9. They are a delight to watch and a great timewaster. I chuckled at one of the photos as the grass looks so verdant but that's only because it's right beside the water saucer and gets lots of duckling splashes. In the photo where Mrs Duck is sititng down, seemingly on her own, I didn't realise at first that all 10 ducklings were underneath her until a few of them popped out! The deer are still visiting every couple of days and are happily munching their way through crabapples/apples/pears and anything else they fancy!
My weaving continues with lots of samples and I am definitely getting better with my tension and beating. What I haven't quite mastered yet is the righthandside which seems to be slacker then the left. I'm sure practice will make perfect eventually (well, I hope so!).
There's been lots of run-training going on ahead of my challenge and I had a lovely day out at a Long Distance Walkers event a few weeks ago. It was absolutely baking hot but thankfully there was some shelter through woods. It was nice to meet up with some running chums and I tried out my new Garmin watch, which is way too snazzy for me as I won't use half its capability or functions but I did upload the route onto it and followed it OK. It was just over 32 miles so was a good leg-stretcher.
My next crafting project is for Christmas - yes, I know it seems a long way off but this project needs good light so I need to get ahead before the days get much shorter. I'm doing it as a virtual stitch-along organised by a lovely lady who used to run a Wool Store in a local village but decided to create a workshop at home to save the cost of rental. We'll be having a monthly Zoom meeting to see if we're all on track and I'm really looking forward to it. Shelley and I were very excited when my package arrived:
I hope everyone reading this is safe and well as there's just so much uncertainty all over the world at the moment.