Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Best Laid Plans etc etc

Whilst I've been unable to run at the moment I've been pondering what I should do if I haven't recovered fully in time for the London marathon. I realise now that the likelihood of me achieving a PB (personal Best) time is slim but then who knows; if I can run then I will.

But what if I can't run? How on earth could I possibly miss it when my dream of dementia being the chosen charity is finally realised after all these years of campaigning? This is a one-off situation joining together Alzheimer's Research UK and the Alzheimer's Society to create the Dementia Revolution and raise money to create a Dementia Research Institute. The thought of not being there to support it is untenable, especially as some people have made donations to my fund-raising page already even though I haven't advertised it yet.

So I've decided I'll run as much as I'm able and then walk when I need to and if I still can't run at all then I'll walk the whole thing carrying a collecting bucket, chat with the crowd and soak up the atmosphere. Having made that decision I now feel so much better!

It really is going to be amazing, not least because Scott Harvey Mitchell, husband of the gorgeous Barbara Windsor, is taking part alongside some of his fellow actors from the EastEnders TV programme. He's been doing lots of interviews on TV/Radio and the Press and he's kindly allowed me to share this snippet from The Daily Mirror a few weeks ago:

There's a whole load of us linked together in a Facebook group and it's great to see how people are progressing and share in their highs and lows.

It's always wonderful when new people feel able to share their stories as it really helps to raise awareness about this devastating disease. When I first started speaking out about mum's story in 2005 there was just a handful of people trying to make their voices heard but now there are more and more speaking out about it and finally others are listening.

I have been invited to speak soon at a couple more venues so hopefully that will yield some more donations.

Injury News

So how's my injury progressing? Mary Massage Lady is doing a grand job of tweaking part of the problem area and I have far less pain than before but still daren't try a run for fear of aggravating it even more. Last week I visited a Podiatrist at the Podiatry and Chiropody Clinic in Hastings and he gave me a thorough examination, asked loads of questions, filmed me walking to check my gait and gave me lots of helpful advice.

I learnt that I supinate because I have very high arches, my hamstrings and glutes (in my bum!) are exceedingly good (he pressed down on my leg and I had to push him away using my leg/bum muscles) but my calves are very tight with my left being much bigger than my right. A riding accident from many years ago, which left me with a limp for many years, is probably to blame for that and he's given me some stretches to help. He also suggested I have an MRI scan of the whole foot in case I have developed a heel spur (I hope I haven't!) and I'm hoping to be able to get that done next week.

Anyway, what will be will be and I'll deal with things as and when necessary.

I'm just approaching Day 30 of my 90 day fitness challenge and still enjoying it although it is getting tougher as the days go by. Having said that, I'm working areas of my body that most likely need some work to get a bit more balance into my fitness routines. I deliberately haven't weighed myself but I know my body is changing shape as I managed to do up the zip on some size 8 jeans which I couldn't get into before! Still no alcohol too and not missing it as I'm completely focussed on my goals.

Knit News

Kate's Knitting Season Club is well underway and I'm enjoying it even more than the previous one. My kit for the Weel Riggit pullover is here and I've made a start on it.

When doing a test swatch for knitting in the round using a bulky yarn such as this I don't do a round swatch and adopt this method seen below. I cast on 4 stitches more than the stitch count required, on double-pointed needles, and at the end of each row just pushed all the stitches back to the beginning and left a loose loop across the back.

I didn't want it as oversized as the one Kate modelled in this colourway (in the link above) so I went for the size bigger than usual but am using slightly smaller needles to get the sort of fabric I want.

The corrugated rib (worked as K1tbl, Purl 1) is gloriously squidgy and stretchy

These little stitches are known as 'lice' (or 'lus' in Norwegian from whence the stitch originates)

I love the reverse too with all the strands of yarn being carried around.

Poor Mr Fox

Mike and I were sitting having our morning coffee in the music room when I spotted a big dog fox come stumbling from the orchard into the centre of the lawn. I noticed he was limping and looked rather shaken and he kept looking back at his hind quarters. We suspect he might have been hit by a car on the lane nearby and made his way across our neighbours field into our garden.

He spent a good 15 minutes licking and stretching and generally looking rather sorry for himself. We were worried about him as they rarely stay out in the open like this for so long.

Finally he stood up and to our amazement he headed towards the house, coming up the steps then right across the patio in front of the window:

I went outside to see where he went and he headed across the fields towards the woods where we know there's a foxhole. Poor boy, I hope he's OK.

Snow Time

There was much excitement here when we had a sprinkling of snow last week and I couldn't wait to get out there to play. I walked across the fields taking snaps of the foot/paw prints (simple pleasures!) and the patterns they made:


Badger - look at those claw prints!



It looks like a fabric design

Note the spur print on the heel of a cock pheasant

Badger and fox cross paths

Mine alongside those of a fox

Multiple footprints, including mine, outside the barn where I cleared a patch for their grain

Just a sprinkling for the pond as it's partly sheltered by the trees

A brave daffodil peeping out

This young squirrel was anxiously surveying his route to the nut feeder...........

.......but our valiant squirrel wasn't going to be stopped by that white stuff!