Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Deadline missed

I really did intend to do a blog during February but somehow life, and events in general, just got in the way and so I didn't.

So now we have the most dreadful situation. We were just starting to get used to living with Covid, although I know it's going to be with us even though all the restrictions have been lifted, and then Putin decided to invade the Ukraine. 

What, really? 

The images we see in the News are so harrowing and unbearably sad. Those poor people. The scenes are unbelievable. Women and children fleeing across the borders, some carrying terrrified animals, whilst their men folk head off to defend their country with no training. Ukrainian women and children tying fabric to netting as camouflage to send to soldiers on the frontline.

Children asking what it's all about. They should not have to worry about where they will sleep at night or when they will get some food. 

So many sad stories.

I've borrowed this story from Facebook:

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this and my thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

A photographer took this beautiful photo of clouds over Kviv that look as if they've formed into the shape of a Guardian Angel for the people:

I have a folder full of photos of craft, running, Nature etc to upload onto here but I really don't have the stomach for it right now.

God bless everyone affected by this and please know that the thoughts and prayers of the whole civilised world are with you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

January halfway!

Oh dear, how did I reach the halfway point without a post? Shameful! I'm not going to running events at the moment as Mike is unwell, poor love, and I daren't risk bringing back Omicron. Thankfully not Covid related but we have had countless telephone conversations with the doctor and are off to hospital next week and hoping to get some useful help. I've actually cancelled all my events up until March, including my weekly yoga session, so we'll have to see how things develop. 

In the meantime I'm continuing to run every day, completing virtual marathons when possible and doing JOGLE, the reverse journey I did from Lands End to John o'Groats, so plenty to occupy me. Plus I've just started another wave of the Six Pack Revolution to keep up my aerobic fitness.
On the knitting front I've been swatching for a cardigan for Mike using Rowan Felted Tweed aran. From the comments on Ravelry there have been many mistakes/issues with the written details and the sizing so I've trawled through all the threads and made notes of things to watch out for! 

For myself, there's Ponderosa from Wool & Pine and I've chosen the most gorgeous shade of deep aqua (see the swatch below).
I may regret those choices when I've been cabling for several weeks!!!

Shelley the Superstar

Shelley, our little media babe, is at it again. I had an email from Supakit a few weeks ago asking if they could feature Shelley in their press release about the Supakit Academy. Of course we agreed because they've been so helpful in getting her used to training on a leash.

I helped write the press release with regard to Shelley and how the leash training has enriched her life - you may remember that she was destined to be an indoor cat when we adopted her. Whilst she has a happy life indoors, with plenty of space to run around/climb/play, I do like to take a 15 minute walk outside with her on the leash each day because I think the experience gives her a chance to explore new places. I've tried taking her out for longer periods but she really isn't comfortable and if she hears a car along the lane she'll dash back inside dragging me behind her!

We also had to take some photos of her on the leash so here are a few of the shots (showing off my Skog sweater too):

I'm still busy experimenting with Macrame and find it relaxing and frustrating in equal measure - the frustration is because I don't always get it right! When it goes to plan it's great fun: