Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back to reality

Right, I've had a dose of the post-marathon blues last week but I seem to have snapped out of it now - just as well as I need to get back into some serious training for my next event in June; the SIS South Downs Marathon on my 50th birthday.

I forgot to upload a photo of the lovely card I got from one of my neighbours so here it is. She's an artist and is obviously very creative. She's taken an image from the London marathon website and made it into a card then she's added her own special touch - she's knitted some beautiful lace using cocktail sticks and attached it to the front. I was really touched by such a kind gesture. I chuckled at the time shown on the clock in the background - 3:18, not the length of time I ever expect to complete a marathon!

I've finally started my glove for the KAL and here it is. I'm using a Lucy Neatby yarn (the multicoloured one) and an Opal sock yarn for the contrast and I really like the way the colours look. The pattern is very absorbing and I can't believe I've never attempted to make gloves before.

I finished off my crochet bag and it's rather nice. I customised it slightly by adding 3 rows of horizontal lines (crocheting into the front of the stitch only) just for a bit of added interest. I'm using it to keep my glove project together at the moment.

Last, but not least, here's Barney who was snoozing next to me. He's forgotten to put his tongue away!


Madame duFarge said...

Hello Susie. I somehow ran across you on the web while browsing knitting patterns. I too am a redhead, and enjoy extreme knitting, but I'm unfortunately not athletic.
Your crocheted "Rowan bag" has caught my attention. I've spent a good part of the afternoon paging through Rowan books at various websites without unearthing the pattern. Would you mind telling me where you found it? It's so cute,
Thanks-- Drusilla

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Drusilla, it is rather sweet isn't it. It's in the Rowan Knitting and Crochet magazine number 41. There's a picture of the magazine in my post for february entitled "I feel like knitting tonight". If you enjoy crochet, there's a rather nice crocheted jumper in it too. Happy hooking!