Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's all over bar the blocking

At last, Jamiesons delivered the long-awaited yarn and I could finish off the neckband. Obviously I couldn't wait to weave in the ends and block it etc before I tried it on!

Initial reaction is good. When I'd tried it on before doing the neckband I had felt that it was way too wide across the shoulders. Indeed, several people had commented that theirs kept slipping off their shoulders. So I boxed clever and did some small decreases at each raglan point and that seems to have made the difference. I'll take close-up photos when I've blocked etc.

There is a bit of bagginess above the bust along the raglan line and I think that perhaps the decreases didn't taper quite enough for my shape. Maybe that will even out in the blocking anyway. We shall see.

My only other comment at this stage is that perhaps bust darts could have helped under the bust rather than relying on the stretch and cling of the fabric for the fit. Just a thought, but I suppose that might have been overly complicated given the already complex patterning.

Here's what I made with the leaven I've been preparing for the past few days. It's a French Sourdough loaf and it smells divine. I wish it would hurry up and cool down so we could try a bit!


Anita said...

Wow - you are a speedy knitter! It looks lovely, the colours are fabulous and it's beautifully knitted.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Anita, but I'm actually a very slow knitter. It's taken me forever to finish this!

Marina said...

Well done! Would not have been a first Fair Isle I would have recommended because of the fussiness in the construction, but as in other aspects of life, you rose to the challenge.

It looks wonderful! A better fit than some others I've seen.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Marina, kind words from the doyenne of Fair Isle! I agree about the fit though and I've learnt a lot from doing it.

I shall no longer fear stranded colourwork and I am amazed that I resisted for so many years. Silly thing is that I've always done intarsia projects! We live and learn.

Shan said...

Oh I love it! It's so gorgeous! Well done Susie.

Carol said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement on my running/training! It helped tremendously. And your sweater is truly amazing! Well done!

Sexy Sadie said...

what a wonderful haircolour. I have always adored light copper. Auburn is not that exciting.

Greetings from a fellow redhead in Norway.