Friday, November 7, 2008

A warm head and hands

I managed to make the yarn last to complete these fingerless gloves to match the hat - and very snug they are too. I didn't use a pattern and just experimented which meant I ripped back 2 earlier versions. They are really warm.

So here's the start of Oregon. I'd forgotten that the yarn was in skeins so there's a bit of prep to do first.

I'm also going to run another project at the same time for a bit of variety (who was I kidding that I'd only have one project on the go at once!) and it's this beautiful Estonian Lace Stole by KnitYoga. I've just received my Addi Lace needles but the colour of yarn I want is out of stock so I've got a couple of weeks to wait. This is probably a good thing as it will give me a chance to get started on Oregon first. I haven't done any big lace projects for a few years so it will be a good challenge - and I do love a challenge!

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Marina said...

You're missing a third project/WIP ...You've got a challenging lace, a Fair Isle that you need to change colours every other row (I know that's an exaggeration) and so you need something mindless ;-)