Sunday, February 13, 2011


Two 20 milers that is.

Last week I was nearly blown off my feet it was so windy. It really sapped all my strength as it was a particularly hilly route. This week it wasn't as windy but it was raining! I actually don't mind the rain too much as it cools me down. I ran very slowly and felt OK all the way round.

Next week is a step-back week and then I've got the Tunbridge Wells 1/2 the week after where I shall see if all my speedwork training has made a difference. I certainly hope so as it's jolly hard work.

Now for a different Two. The sweater tunic one.

I completed it.

I hated it on me - it is definitely not suitable for anyone with a bust or in fact for anyone with anything other than a boyish, stick-insect figure!

I've ripped back all but the front of it so I thought I'd record it to show how the heart motifs worked out. I rather like them. This remaining piece will be going in the freezer overnight for ripping back tomorrow - that's a useful tip for anyone who has to rip back mohair as it makes it so much easier.

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