Thursday, March 31, 2011

Royal Wedding & taper fever!

Look what landed in my letterbox the other day - 'Knit your own Royal Wedding'.

Even more funny is that it was sent by Denny, my dear friend who started me off on my running and knitting antics by suggesting I should act my age and stay at home with my knitting!

My favourites are the corgis and the Archbishop of Canterbury. When I showed it to Mike he gave me "don't you dare!" roll of the eyes.

I'm well into my taper, that is cutting down my mileage to prepare for the Brighton marathon on the 10th April and I've got a niggly knee. That coupled with the gremlins in my head who tell me that I am too old and fat to run marathons is making me hyperactive!

This beautiful tree is a Blackthorn Tree .

Blackthorn is more often used for hedging as it has thorny stems so is a good stock-proofer so it's unusual to see it like this.

The whole tree has been smothered in blossom this year and the honey bees have had a wonderful time gathering the nectar. There were so many of them that the tree seems to be buzzing!


Shan said...

I LOVE THAT! Knit your own Royal Wedding! Brilliant! If ONLY you could get that mag in Canada! I have been wanting to buy a few of those 'Royal Wedding' special publications for my daughters...I recall being very interested in the last royal wedding - Charles and Di, when I was a kid. I wish I had some commemorative stuff from back then.

Alison said...

I live near Vancouver BC and ordered the book from Amazon, just couldn't resist. Life is busy but I'm hoping to at least get William, Kate and the Archbishop finished before the big day! It made me laugh so much I just had to have it. It's not like I'm a big Royalist or anything, I just think it's so quirky and funny!


Susie Hewer said...

They really are great fun aren't they!