Saturday, April 23, 2011

Whilst waiting for London marathon photos.......

I thought it might be a good idea to actually post a photo of some knitting for a change as I keep forgetting to record what I'm doing!

At the moment I've just started the second sleeve of Owls by Kate Davies (Ravelry link). I'm using Jamieson's shetland marl in amethyst just because purple is my favourite colour.

It's a quick knit and I'm using my lovely new knit pics needles. Aren't they gorgeous! I started this just last week, finished the body in a few days and knit the first sleeve sitting in the hotel lobby whilst taking a break on Press conference day. Several people remarked "so you do actually knit then, not just when you're running!" which made me smile.

I've been trying to crack this little blighter for the last couple of days - it's a Rubik's cube and was given to me by Uli who solved 100 of them whilst running the marathon!

I've just mastered how to solve one side.

Apparently it's all down to using algorithms. It's looking good so far but I've still got 4 more sides to do - I may be some time............!

The lawn mower broke the other day and had to go off for repair. Not the best time to break as the grass was due for a cut.

Undeterred, my lovely ladies are helping out.

I just fenced off around the patio and put posts and tape in strategic places so they can't get into the pond or the woods and they are quite happy and it saves on petrol too!

I should mention that ours is not the sort of lawn that is like bowling green and it has lots of daisies, buttercups and other wild flowers in which is just how we like it as it's in harmony with our surroundings.

Tinker decided it was too hot outside and hid himself away in the spare bedroom amidst a pile of stuff that's been dumped in there whilst we decorate elsewhere.

How do cats always find the best spots for a snooze? I only noticed him there when I heard the bubble-wrap crackling when he moved.

Last but not least is this tree. It's a Field Maple growing near my shed and the reason for the photo is the flies.

When I walked past, the whole tree was buzzing and I thought it was bees but on further investigation I spotted hundreds of these flies.

You can just make out the flowers which is think is what attracted them as the smell of the pollen was really strong.


Shan said...

I think I'd quite like to make "owls" too. Actually I like almost every one of her designs - the latest, "Deco", is lovely.

The flies thing made me squirm. Ew! I much prefer bees.

On another note, I have ordered a copy of 'Knit the Royal Wedding'...thanks for telling me about it!

Marina said...

Where did the time go? Is it really May? The Flying Pig marathon on the weekend & reminded me that I had missed the London Marathon. I am so sorry, Susie. Congratulations! Now I'll have to read everything I missed.