Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cushion craft

At last, the finished cushion for the dining room. I used a beautiful suede effect fabric as the base and attached the crochet front to it which has made it nice and firm.

I decided on a knitted i-cord edging as everything else looked too fussy. I used a strand of each of the back-ground colour yarns held together.

Here it is against the curtain. I'm really pleased with the finished cushion.

Another room and more cushions. One bargello, the other patchwork. I'm really having a cushion phase at the moment and I think it's because we've been renovating the house for so many years that now it's finished it's a relief to be adding some finishing touches!

I've got another cushion cover on the go but this one's for the sun-lounger and was inspired by a piece of fabric I found in a charity shop. I'm crocheting squares in different sizes using the colours in the fabric. I've only got a couple more squares to do.

This weekend is marathon number 2 of 5 and so far the weather forecast has been dire so I expect I'll be getting wet for 27 miles up on the South Downs!

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