Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sheep in the snow

We've had snow, even down here in the South East of the UK!  

Of course this has given me a great photo opportunity and I've taken loads which need editing before I show them.  In the meantime here are some lovely photos that Mike took of the sheep the other morning when we had just a light sprinkling of snow.

Where's our food then?

What a pretty face
I haven't been in the brambles, honest guv!

They have such lovely, honest faces and the way their ears stick out at the sides always makes me smile.

Asthma/running update

I'm still struggling with this stupid asthma.  It's interfering with everything - if I'm not out of breath then I'm coughing for no apparent reason and it's getting on my nerves and no doubt annoying all those around me too!  Today I was singing some backing vocals for Mike and we had to abandon it as I couldn't hold the notes long enough and the more I tried, the worse it got and I just ended up getting teary.  

To make matters worse my run today was interrupted by a massive coughing fit which lasted for about 5 minutes.  Obviously I needed that large piece of cake afterwards to console me!

KBO as Mr Churchill used to say (please pardon my language but that's "keep buggering on", in case you didn't know).

Knitting news

Here's a knitted doily, as yet unblocked but I wanted to see how it would look on the little table.

Unblocked doily 
Still unblocked but showing how it fits in with things around it (which reminds me that I must re-cover the footstool - perhaps in Bargello this time?)
My next knitting project awaits - Boreal, by Kate Davies.  I bought the yarn in November but couldn't start it as I had so much Christmas stuff to do.  I wish I'd finished it as it's perfect for snowy weather!  The yarn I'm using is Artesano alpaca aran, the same as for Mike's scarf, in deep purple &  creamy white.

Time to swatch.


Shan said...

Boreal will be nice.

I love the sheep photos! I'm quite green with envy at your life, which to me looks downright idyllic.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Shan. I bet your snow is a bit deeper than ours though! Not a day goes by without me thinking that we are indeed blessed to live in such a beautiful place.