Sunday, April 27, 2014

The flowers that bloom in the Spring - tra-la

On the running front, I've just passed the 700 mile mark, 707 to be exact, in my running streak. It looks as if I'm going to have an even higher than usual tally by the end of the year. The next marathon in my series of 7 this year is next weekend at the Three Forts Challenge - it's known as 'the tough one' for good reason!

I can't help but show some of the photos I've taken in the garden recently as everything is bursting into life and it really fills my heart with joy. I love the changing seasons, each with its own beauty.

We had some wonderfully sunny days last week and we all enjoyed it. The horses came into the orchard to graze and get the grass down so the wildflowers come through. We usually let them in around January but it's been too water-logged until now. They get so excited when I start pegging out the area and there's always lots of neighing and running about before they are finally let inside!

Kizzy, right, in the shade of a pear tree, taking a break from eating
Mr Pheasant snuggling down in the grass to sun himself
Pear blossom
One day the buds on the apple trees were like this…...
…a few days later they had opened to this
Hawthorne blossom
The clematis is now out fully and looks magnificent.  It's on the fence which screens our yard (aka the dumping ground for any bricks/branches/stones and other things we don't know what to do with!) and is just beyond the patio. The scent is absolutely divine.
Clematis montana 'Elizabeth' looking magnificent
Close-up - I wish this was in smell-o-vision!
I could spend days showing all the beautiful flowers appearing in the garden right now but I've tried to restrict myself to some of my favourites:

I found this little beauty, not planted by me, lurking in the undergrowth - it's Viola sororia 'Freckles'  which has self-seeded in the gravel garden
The vivid blue flowers of Lithodora 'Heavenly Blue' which I was transferring from the pot to its place in the garden
Look at the pretty pink roots
You are never alone in our garden as it's teeming with wildlife such as this grasshopper
The next 4 photos are of some of the many Aquilegias I grow. Also known as 'Granny's bonnet' they self-seed all over the place and are a welcome sight in Springtime. What caught my attention was the one below displaying a pale yellow centre:

What a beautiful colour combo!
The reason I went to investigate was that I hadn't planted one with that colour combination so I think it must have hybridised with the deep purple one and the yellow one shown below.

One of my many Euphorbias. This one has striking dark centres
No flowers this time, just the tiny gooseberries starting to swell - I must remember to net them before the ducks get at them this year!
The delicate flowers of Blueberry 'Patriot' which I grow in a pot on the patio

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