Thursday, February 27, 2020

This weather!

Oh my goodness, this has been a horrible month weather-wise with dreadful flooding in many parts of the country. Although we've been grumbling about the wind and rain we were very lucky here, unlike some poor people whose homes have been flooded with no sign of the waters subsiding yet. My heart goes out to all those who have been displaced.

There have been many trees down blocking roads so the tree surgeons were in great demand. We've had lots of branches down and the fence by the yard was partly blown over but has been repaired now. Poor Rusty Miller the wind turbine was battered by the first storm but survived with just one paddle hanging loose. He was, however, finished off by the next one. He looks very sad indeeed and we think he's beyond repair.

Mike took a few photos of the moody sky through the window inbetween the showers the other day:


Well it's been challenging that's for sure. Getting outside has been a rare treat recently with more miles on the treadmill than along the lanes!

I started out for a marathon last weekend and then thought better of it and turned home as the weather was hideous with torrential rain and very strong winds. As the event was up on part of the North Downs I realised it just wasn't worth the risk of injury.

This Wednesday, the 26th February, I was lucky to finally make it to the Marathon Day marathon over in Deal. Did you spot it? The 26th day of the 2nd month ie 26:2 and marathon disatnce is 26.2 miles! Traviss first held this event 4 years ago and each time until now I have had to miss it:
  1. Mike was poorly
  2. The car broke down en-route
  3. I was injured
  4. I made it
I set out bright and early and everything just fell into place perfectly. The roads were fine with no flooding, the motorway was OK with not too much heavy traffic, just a brief delay at some temporary roadworks and I arrived in plenty of time; until I realised the event started at 8:30am, not 9am as I'd thought so I had to dash to the start adn join the back of the pack, silly moo!

I deliberately didn't take my camera with me as I always take far too many photos in Deal and it was just as well I didn't as everywhere looked stunning and I would have spent far too much time taking photos. The sun shone throughout and although we were running into a strong wind on the outward section, it didn't trouble us on the return. The sky would hav ebrough Turner out with his sketchbook and the sea looked amazing with the sunlight dancing on the waves.

I was using it to practice my ultra-marathon pacing but of course went out for too fast and reached halfway in 2 hours so made myself power-walk the last laps to make up for being so silly. I finished in 5:29:29 but stopped my watch at 26.2 miles exactly, just because! Then I trotted off for an extra 5 miles to make my run into an Ultra-marathon. A grand day out all round.

That was marathon 184 and my 4th of the year, having missed out 2 due to bad weather, so just another 16 to go to reach 200.

There's more to come as I've got another marathon this weekend and there's finally some crafting in hand together with the usual bits and bobs of day to day life.

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