Thursday, May 27, 2021

Some more photos

Some photos from my daily runs over the last few days:

A leafy lane leading down to Bodiam Castle

The sky looked rather gloomy and I hoped it wasn't going to rain

Thankfully the sun came out when I reached Bodiam Castle and I loved the reflections in the moat

Shelley, waiting patiently for me to come home

The sky last night

A riparian walk with Mike this morning

The National Trust is extending the car park and eating into this beautiful stretch of the riverbank

Mums and lambs sheltering in the shade


I started another knitting project yesterday. It's a sweet little cardigan called the Gambit Cardi and I chose this gorgeous slubby yarn from Black Elephant held together with some turquoise laceweight yarn from my stash.

The colours are more accurate in the first photo

I love the bobbly bits and splashes of purple and deep turquoise

I just laid out all my medals from 'virtual' events over the past 14 months. Crikey there are quite a lot! They range from marathon to ultra marathon done all in one go to events lasting several weeks such as the Land End to John o'Groats (874 miles), the M25 Vultra (117 miles), the Pennine Way (268 miles) and a couple more for which I haven't received a medal yet.

Annoyingly I would have achieved my 200th marathon if these events had been in real life! Never mind, only 15 more real-life events to go.......

I'm actually getting quite excited as I may be able to go to a real life event next weekend! 

Oh my goodness it's going to feel strange running with other people again but I'm really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed I can go 'cos you never know what's going to happen in these uncertain times!

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