Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Feel Like Knitting Tonight

Well, I'll have to admit it - I've lost interest in the second fingerless glove I've been knitting for Mike so it's been stuffed into my 'work in progress' bag to be resumed in the future. So now I need a new project to inspire me and I've been looking at the latest Rowan magazine, number 41.

This caught my eye immediately. It looks like lots of crocheted flowers and rounds joined together. I haven't done any crochet for a few months so this really appeals.

Another crochet design for this rather attractive little bag. It could look really summery in the right yarn.

This wrap looks very interesting as it's the sort of thing you can pick up and do a bit on every so often. A good "summer evening on the porch with a glass of wine" type of project.

Hmmm, I can feel my credit card trembling as I type!

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