Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Woman's Weekly Magazine

How exciting, the interview I gave for Woman's Weekly magazine has appeared in this week's issue. The article is entitled 'Marvellous Mum' and appears on page 24. It was about the special things I remember about mum and what I'm now doing in her memory to help the Alzheimer's Research Trust. There's a lovely photo of mum aged 77 digging in our garden when she first moved in with us. It's one of my favourites as it summed up her practical attitude to things which is one of her greatest gifts to me. There's another photo of her taken on her 80th birthday and then one of us together which was taken in the mid 1980s (please ignore my Crystal Tips hairstyle and enormous glasses!). I wish I could scan them into my computer but I haven't got a scanner.

The magazine very kindly also put details of the ART website and my fund-raising page at the end of the article, so I hope people will go and take a look at the wonderful work they do.

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Class1ta said...

Knitting and running? You sound completely bonkers - in the nicest possible sense! I knit every week whilst watching my children play football - I get some very strange looks! Having watched 2 grandparents suffer with dementia, I can only applaud your efforts and wish you a whole load of luck. Have left a donation on your other page.