Friday, March 16, 2007

It just gets better and better!

I can't believe it's been so long since I last updated my progress. I ran the Hastings 1/2 marathon last weekend which was great fun - the crowd support is second to none. I still haven't received the yarn for my next project from, which is very frustrating, so I've crocheted a cushion cover for my kitchen stool whilst I'm waiting.

Here's my kitchen stool looking all sad and cold without his lovely soft cushion pad. It's very trendy and good looking but it's jolly cold on your bottom so I decided to crochet a cushion cover!

Here it is sporting a lovely new cover in various shades of red.

This is what it looks like from above. I went into my local yarn shop in Battle and picked up lots of different yarns in red. There's a Noro one which has lots of different shades in it, an eyelash yarn with lovely straggly thin bits for soft texture, a ball of 'Fizz' which has chunkier strips in a see-through fabric and a plain burgundy wool yarn. I just worked in double crochet going round and round, changing my yarn when I'd got a good block of one sort. I think it looks quite effective and it was a doddle to make.

With regard to the London Marathon, well it's great news - Stitch and Bitch London are going to join the Cast-Off knitting group for a Knit-Out at the finish. We're trying to find the best place for them to be and the nice people at Race HQ have suggested that they set up in the 'reunion' area in Horseguards Parade. I need to investigate the logistics of this as it gets really congested there with 30,000 plus runners staggering over the finishing line. I'm getting really excited about it now!

I've been busy distributing a newsletter to all my neighbours so they know what I'm up to and asking that they sponsor me if possible. They have been really supportive over the past couple of years since I started fund-raising for the Alzheimer's Research Trust and even if they don't sponsor me they always give me a cheery smile and a wave if they see me out running. It can really make a difference to see a friendly face and hear an encouraging word when I'm getting tired towards the end of a 20 mile training run. It's great to know that they're all willing me on.

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