Monday, March 5, 2007

Knitting frustrations and the Steyning Stinger

Grrrrrr, I ordered my copy of the Rowan book and yarn I was looking at online and only the book has arrived with a note saying that the yarn is out of stock. That is so frustrating as the site said they had 'unlimited supplies'!!!! I telephoned the company and was told that as it is a new yarn they are still awaiting a delivery from Rowan. Hey ho.

Yesterday was the Steyning Stinger marathon. The weather was vile with gale-force wind and rain/hail for 21 of the 26.2 miles. I have never been so wet and cold! Also, the ground was incredibly slippery as it was chalk, flint and mud, so I decided to walk up and down some of the steeper slopes (I can't afford to pick up a major injury so have to be a bit more sensible!) which meant I was even slower than usual. Most of the time I felt like Bambi with my legs going every which way. My left big toe developed a painful blister at mile 4 and by mile 11 it was excruciating. It became a case of pain management and I found that if I kept my feet wet and muddy that it didn't hurt as much!

Many thanks to Anthony, the lovely photographer, who took this photo of me around the 4 mile mark after the first hill (I'm only slightly muddy and it hadn't started raining yet so I look reasonably respectable). He takes good quality photos at many sporting events and his prices are really competitive. You can view his website at

Although it was jolly tough I really enjoyed it in a perverse sort of way and I was smiling like mad when I finished. I got a cute little engraved glass as a memento and they provided a yummy meal afterwards. They even had a special veggie menu so I didn't feel like a nuisance. My final time was 6 hours 34 minutes 6 seconds which is a lot slower than I would usually manage. I suppose I hadn't fully recovered from the Draycote ultra and I was being extra careful because of the slippy conditions underfoot.

Now I've got 6 weeks to get myself together for the London marathon so I shall be taking my knitting out on my next run to get some practice in!

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