Monday, April 16, 2007

BBC Sport and some great yarn news

Well, that's my bubble burst! On friday evening I had a phone call from a lovely director from BBC Sport who said that she wanted to come and film me knitting and running and do an interview with Phil Jones (who's a commentator on lots of the athletics programmes). She said she was also going to interview another lady who is a pensioner and is undertaking all sorts of daredevil sports so the plan was to film me in the morning and her in the afternoon.

They say that pride comes before a fall. How true! I emailed everyone I could think of to tell them about it and of course they were all excited for me. Then this evening I get the 'fall' part - Sharon phoned to say that they can't make it. Instead the cameramen have been instructed to look out for me during the race and try to pick me out. She was very kind in letting me down and said that she'd try and get me in shot at the finish and hopefully we'll meet up at the start too.

Hey ho, that's show business!

It's not all bad news though because I've just had an email from Angel yarns telling me that the wool for the Glove KAL has been dispatched. Now I've just got to wait for the pattern to arrive from Kansas City.

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