Monday, January 28, 2008

The knitting part is finished....... it's time to weave in all those pesky ends! When I started the 'Modern Quilt Wrap' I diligently wove in the ends as I did each square. Sadly this good habit didn't last very long and I soon resorted to leaving them dangling free. Never mind, with a bit of good light and determination I'll soon have them darned in. Proper photos will appear when that is finished.

On the running front, I did a very pleasant 20 miler along the lanes yesterday. It was a glorious day. I left home at 7am with the moon still in the sky, watched the sun rise, ran a few miles then returned home at 11am to finish off wallpapering my office. I was rather tired so it took some determination to do the papering, but all the climbing up and down ladders seems to have stretched my legs out and they feel really fresh today.

After my run today, it was so lovely that I dragged Mike out for a walk as soon as I got back. Sometimes you simply have to enjoy the beautiful weather when it's with you. I just had to take a photo of these little beauties who were gamboling around without a care in the world. There is something really uplifting seeing the first lambs of the year. I expect some people will be thinking about mint sauce (not me though as I'm a vegetarian!) but I think of all the lovely wool they'll produce for us knitters.

Part of our walk lead us through the pine woods and Mike took this rather moody photo. I love the darkness that envelops you in a pine wood and the pinky/amber glow of the pine needles on the ground against the blackness of the tree trunks. I've seen many modern paintings that look just like this view. Very arty!


TutleyMutley said...

God, You've got so much energy!
To go for a walk - AFTER running 20 miles?!

The afghan looks beautiful, btw. YOur mog evidently thinks so too.

Linda said...

I'm so very sorry I missed the past 6 weeks of your blog. First, you live in the most beautiful area! The landscape is breathtaking. Second, the wrap is fantastic. Now that I've seen yours I have to make one also. I considered the Oregon Cardigan when I first saw it but it would be my first real fairisle and I thought it was a bit complicated for a first try.
Thanks for all the great photographs.