Thursday, January 3, 2008

Slogging through the snow

It wasn't that bad actually but I did my 7 miles across the fields in driving snow which I really enjoyed. There's something very satisfying about battling against the elements. Of course I can say that now I'm home, all warm and dry! The route I took lead me to Salehurst a charming hamlet nearby. At one point you pass the remains of Robertsbridge Abbey (just the refectory wall with an archway in it remains!) which is situated in the garden of a farmhouse.

My scarf has now officially been restarted and I did a couple of squares last night.

This is the cross stitch project I'm about to start. It's a cushion cover for in my office and I just love the bright, jewel-like colours. Now I've got to find my tapestry frame which is lurking in a cupboard somewhere........

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