Sunday, February 17, 2008

Last long run before the Stinger

Hoorah, it's taper time (that means I start reducing my mileage before the marathon)! I did 15 miles cross country this morning and it was very cold at 7am when I ventured out. The ground was frozen solid and some of the fields were very hard to run on as they were rutted when the crops had been drilled in. On the way back the sun was out and the ground had softened which made the going a bit easier.

Here's a photo of a solitary Blackthorn tree in our back garden. originally it would have formed part of a stock-proof hedge but sadly this is all that remains. In the olden days people knew a thing or two and it provides us with sloes in the autumn with which we can make Sloe Gin (YUM!). It look so pretty and the smell of the pollen is sickly sweet as you pass it. Kizzy and Esther are tucking into their feed in the background.

This evening I shall start to turn the heel on my sock so I'll soon know if I need to rip it or not. Fingers crossed........


monica said...

HI!! this is mokina from RW. do you mind if I link you to my blog???

enjoy your taper!! I am still far away from it!!

Susie Hewer said...

Hi Monica, please do!