Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rip it, rip it........

A frog he would a-ripping go,
Hey-ho said Susie!

The longer heel didn't make enough difference so I have ripped right back again and am increasing the leg stitches by 8. That works with the pattern repeat and following lots of measuring of my arch and ankle I reckon that, combined with a slightly longer heel, will do the trick.

One thing I now understand is why so many people have taken to sock knitting - progress is so quick. If I hadn't had to start again twice then I'd easily have completed one sock by now. Instant gratification!

Fingers crossed it works this time (well, obviously they won't be crossed when I'm knitting, DOH!).

One good thing did happen today though. I got all my stuff through from the lovely people at Guinness World Records ready for the London marathon. I do actually remember last year saying that I would never do the running and knitting again as it was so blooming hard and painful but I'm getting quite excited about it now. Maybe I am mad after all. People have been saying it for years!!!

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