Monday, June 16, 2008

It's my birthday again!

I can't believe how quickly the years seem to pass. It really doesn't seem 12 months since I was running the South Downs Marathon on my 50th birthday yet here I am again, one year older and probably non the wiser!

I've already had a special weekend and have been treated to visits to garden centres (gardening is my passion) to have a good look round and purchase the odd plant or several. Then last night, Mike and I made a scrumptious curry together. He had a chicken masala, I had a mushroom dish and we shared a mixed vegetable bhajia with pawa rice (using a recipe from our next door neighbour from our previous home). It was lovely but I still feel stuffed.

We both went to the gym this morning to try and work it off. I have taken a few days off running as I have niggly groin strain that's been with me for about 18 months now. Of course, if I hadn't done 7 marathons in the last year it would undoubtedly have healed much quicker!

This morning's post brought a lovely surprise - a package from Amelia who had a blogaversary draw to win some yarn. It was beautifully wrapped with a pretty bow.

This is what was inside. Sundara sock yarn in the shade 'purple clover'. The photo really doesn't do it justice as it is several different shades of pink. This photo shows our native purple clover and the darkest colour in the yarn is really close to that. It's beautiful and so, so soft. I think it will have to be my next project when I finish Autumn Rose (which is progressing well).


Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marina said...

Happy Birthday, Susie!

The meal sounds delicious. Indian food is not very common here and so it's a good thing that the "Chinese supermarket" imports pre-made spices for the different curries. The kids love it.

monica said...

happy birthday!!!!!