Monday, June 23, 2008

The strangest looking jumper in the world!

At last, I've finished the body! I must say it looks really weird at the moment with the little pouch dangling under the neck steek. Anyway, I've just got to join the 2 underarm sections, darn in some ends and then cut the steek (eek!).

Then all I've got to worry about is whether I have enough 'Sunrise' to finish the neckband as it looks rather a small ball now.


Marina said...

All the crew/round neck sweaters/cardigans have that pouch. It's like magic, after you cut the steek.

You know, if you can do that design, you can do any of the Starmore's which are much less complicated in construction.

Anita said...

Ah - autumn rose! I have this on the needles at the moment but can only knit on it in my 'quiet' moments which have been few and far between lately. I look forward to seeing the steeks cut!