Monday, February 2, 2009


My special challenge for 2009 will be revealed soon. I suppose I should start giving clues to generate some interest so:

2009 Extra Challenge - Clue Number 1:
It involves teamwork with Paul.

You now have to scrutinise Paul to see if there are any clues!

Hoorah, at last we've got some snow here in the South East of England. London seems to have ground to a halt and the lanes are very quiet here too.

Even though it's still snowing I couldn't resist sneaking out to take some photos! It's much better than the pathetic offering we had last year.

The small pond is starting to look pretty.

These 2 ducks were starting to look for nesting places a few days ago. They always like to choose somewhere near to the house, the back of the garage or near the barn being their favourite spots as they are then close to a food supply. She managed to raise broods of 9 for the past 2 years but often the eggs are eaten by the magpies.

A lone apple tree, on the edge of the orchard, with its branches outlined with snow.

I love the way the snow shows off the outline of the trees. Ordinarily we can see across the valley to the hills beyond but it's as if there's a white sheet hanging behind the woods.

The 2 ladies are quite happy to stay in their field shelters munching hay. Esther wasn't keen on going in there this morning as she doesn't like walking on the snow 'cos it gives way under her feet. She's skittish about going through water too.

As the weather is so cold I made us some warming soup and some scrumptious Georgian Kachapuris, which are little breads full of cheese. I used a mixture of taleggio and cheddar and they were divine.

On the knitting front, the Oregon cardigan is being worked on again and I'm nearly up to the shoulders.

I did a pleasant 11 mile run yesterday although there was a biting wind all the way round. I didn't take any photos as the battery was flat in the camera.


Marina said...

We're still recovering after last weeks' "snow emergency" ... no mail, no school for 4 days, branches/trees falling down, no electricity/heat, etc.

Hmm! Guess I need to wait for more clues to find out what I'm looking for ;-)

Shan said...

Lovely pictures, and you are solely to blame for my consuming greed for these little cheese breads, which I'd never heard of before but which I NEED to have TODAY.

You didn't post the recipe (yet?) so thank goodness for!