Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sky 7 & Grannies

Taken at 8:36pm.

We hadn't seen the sun all day so it was no surprise that it wasn't a spectacular sunset.

As I stood outside on the patio, a massive badger came scampering up from the orchard. I tried to catch him but it was just too dark for my camera skills.

Badgers are regular visitors and they snuffle around for windfall apples/pears and plums. There are quite a lot of them about and the downside of that is that they dig for worms in the lawn, distribute the contents of the compost heap all over the place and they establish their latrines in the most inappropriate places!

The granny squares are finished now as I have used up all my spare dk wool.

I spent ages arranging them into a pleasing colour sequence which was quite difficult given the number of different colours involved.

Now comes the task of joining them together which always seems onerous.

I'm edging them all with double crochet using some chenille type brown yarn so that the colours really pop and if I've got enough left I'll do a few rows around the edges of the finished blanket.

To join the squares together I am using a flat seam. I experimented with a raised cable seam and a chained seam but didn't like the effect in this instance.

20 miles planned for my long run tomorrow so I'm hoping the weather is kind to me!

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