Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sky 8 & another 20 miler

It was a beautiful sky last night but I had to start taking photos even earlier; 7:45pm to be precise.

The contrails took on a pinkish glow and looked like threads of candyfloss criss-crossing the sky in their own version of abstract art.

This 2nd photo made me think of Lord of the Rings or could it be an alien space ship?

Then finally the dark clouds look like faraway landscapes with mountains coming down to meet the silvery, shimmering body of water in an inland loch.

Today I was up before the lark and out running just as the sun peeped out, spreading it's pink glow across the sky. It was rather autumnal first thing which was great for running but it did start to heat up quite quickly.

16 miles passed uneventfully and at a good pace but then I certainly felt the last 4 and slowed down considerably as I headed towards 20 miles. Probably just the result of the bug I had last week.

That was the 2nd 20 miler of my schedule. My long run next Sunday will be around 17/18 miles and then there's just one more 20 miler to do before I start to cut back my mileage for the Marathon.

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