Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More snowy happenings

OK, OK, so the snow looks lovely and the icicles glisten as they melt in the sun but I still can't run outside!

Why not, you might ask?

Because it's hilly in these parts and the snow that melted yesterday and ran down the lanes, zigzagging its way ever downwards, froze overnight creating massive rivers of ice.

I did try to run down the lane around lunchtime because I really couldn't face the treadmill again. I thought the sun would have made the lanes passable but I only got about 200m from home and I realised that I was picking my way around these ice waterfalls rather than running which was not good at all.

So inside I went and 2 miles into the boredom that is treadmill running my brain said "NO!" and that was that. I'd lost my focus and let the gremlins inside my head. Undeterred I took myself off for a good 3 mile trek across the fields instead, wearing my sensible walking boots, and counted it as a cross-training day. When I got home I did some core strengthening exercises so felt quite virtuous in the end!

If it's like this again tomorrow I shall have to adopt a run/walk strategy and go along the lanes a bit and then cut across the fields wearing my cross-country running shoes.

Icy patterns edging the horses water trough.

A wintry sunrise through the trees.

The mounds covered in snow are piles of horse poo which are rotting down. After 2 years they turn into an amazing soil conditioner.

Some of the ducks sat patiently beneath the bird feeding tree whilst they waited for me to throw them some grain. The ponds are all still completely frozen and covered in snow so I put some water in an old trough for them to play around in.

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