Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oregon at last

At last, the knitting part of Oregon is finished.


I've just trimmed one side of the steek along the front band. I know Alice Starmore says to trim it to 2 stitches but I'm not that brave and have opted for 3 stitches.

The beauty of steeking is that there aren't any ends to weave in afterwards. Just imagine if this had been knitted flat; there would have been 6 lots of ends to weave in on the body alone (2 x either side of the 2 front pieces and then 2 for the back) plus those for the sleeves but this way the ends get cut off and all you have to do is stitch the steeks flat.

However, there are still plenty of ends to weave in on the sleeves so I shall do them gradually over the next few days.

My long-suffering horses waiting for their feed last night.

Kizzy's saying "I do wish she'd just feed us and forget the photos!"

"I shall paw the ground to attract her attention and show my dismay at this disgraceful treatment".

I loved the colour of the setting sun on these trees last night. What a beautiful glow.

Mike took this for me this morning on the way back from his walk across the land.

It's looking towards the house from the bottom of Holm field.

Very arty!

I'm just off out for my run now. 7 miles at marathon pace. I was going to head across the fields but the snow is still very thick and there was a heavy frost last night so I'm opting for the lanes instead.

I've got 15 to do tomorrow too - the high mileage weeks are starting to kick in!

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