Friday, November 16, 2012

A sneaky peek

Loving hugs

This is one secret Christmas knitting project I know I can show, secure in the knowledge that the recipient will not see it as she doesn't have a computer and can't operate one either!

It's another Oregon cardigan by Alice Starmore.  I made one for myself a few years ago and every time I wear it people ask about it and I get lovely comments.  One of those people is a very special lady who is having a rough time at present so I thought a cardigan hug at Christmas might lift her spirits - or at least she'll be warm even if she's still sad and she'll know that someone cares about her.

A peak at the right side

Inside out

So at least the knitting is all done.  Just those pesky ends to weave in............

Cheesy hugs

Today has been dull and dreary so we needed cheering up.  Cheese scones for lunch seemed like a good idea.  As I rolled out my dough I searched for my cutters and I spotted my heart-shaped ones.

Who says scones have to be round?  Not me!  They tasted pretty good too.

The teeny-weeny one is for the birdies as they need hugs too.

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