Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We managed to survive the massive storm the other night relatively unscathed.  More about that in another post but I just wanted to get these photos on my blog before I head out into the sunshine for a run.

I finished sewing my jumper together and I'm really pleased with everything about it. My gauge was spot on and the adjustment I made to the length is perfect. I've managed to get exactly the fit that I wanted too. Usually I think, "oh, I wish I'd done......" or "maybe I should have....." but not this time.

So here's the gallery:

Front view showing waist shaping and a generous length (I didn't want another sweater that finished just below my waist, sometimes I like a bit more length)

Back view showing the simple ballerina neckline.  I had thought I might do some crochet around the neckline but I rather like the raw edge.  I love the way the shadows from my arms make it look as if I've got an hourglass figure with a real waistline (in my dreams!)

Neck edge and raglan.  Again, I had thought of crocheting a chain stitch along the join but I think I'll leave it.

Notes about the pattern:

Pattern: Rosehip by Kim Hargreaves from Rowan's The Summer Tweed Collection.  It's a very simple and quick knit.  Ideal for knitting whilst watching TV!

Yarn: Rowan Summer Tweed x 7 balls exactly.

Needles: I always use a size smaller needles for Summer Tweed as I don't like the fabric produced on larger needles.  The pattern called for 4.5mm and 5mm but I used 4mm and 4.5mm and my gauge was spot on when the pieces were blocked.

Modifications: I added 10 rows of straight knitting at the start to give me just under 2" extra length. I knit the sleeves 1cm shorter than specified as I know that Summer Tweed has a tendency to grow and I didn't want to end up with arms like an orang-utan! 

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