Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The blankets made from the yarn used in my crochet chain from the London marathon are finished and will be with their new owners, to wrap them in love, very soon. As it was such a chunky and rather slippery yarn I decided to take a firm approach to the ends. I wove them in as I was crocheting but then I secured them with a few stitches for good measure.

This is the one I started on the morning of the London marathon and is for a man who is in the late stage of Alzheimer's and lives in a special care home. I will not give his details nor will I take photos of him with the blanket as that would be far too intrusive.

Taken in artificial light
This next one is for a lovely lady I visit who suffers from dementia. She lives at home with full-time carers. I lightened the colour of this one to keep it fresh and feminine.

Taken in daylight
I took them outside in the sunshine to try and show the colours better as they are really vivid.

Back inside again just to show their size together - about 4' square. For reference, the size of both the inner granny squares is 9" for the yellow one and 12" for the green one.

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