Monday, May 19, 2014


Having given the blankets to their new owners I still had some yarn left so I hooked these 2 squares to make into cushion covers for the chairs in the gazebo.

I had just enough yarn to make the front panels and then used bits and bobs I had in my stash to finish the backs (well, I've only completed the one for Mike's chair so far but mine will be done soon).

This is Mike's. It's just a simple wave stitch patten. 

I crocheted the front and back together along 3 edges and then stuffed the cushion pad inside before finishing off. Easy-peasy.

On the reverse you can see how I kept running out of yarn from the changes in colours! I managed to find several shades of mauve in my stash of acrylic and ended up using 3 strands held together. It is rows of double crochet with the 3rd stitch of every 3rd row done as a long dc stitch down to the row below just for a bit of interest - rather like a lot of Lily Chin's patterns.

Here it is in-situ. Mike said it makes the chair really comfy and it certainly looks jolly.

This is the front of mine - it's just a big granny square through which I've woven the last remaining remnants of the chain. I thought it would be a nice reminder of the day. There are soooooo many ends to weave in as I was really down to the dregs of my yarn when I crocheted this.

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