Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crochet? Knitting?

I've just started the next chair back cover using a motif from the crochet club 2013 which I wrote about here

I was taking some photos of it for Simply Crochet magazine recently and it was just before Happy the Hippo went to live with Ruth so I included him in a shot.

It reminded me that as the first one was finished nearly 12 months ago it was about time I made the second one!

Then there's the knitting project that was put on hold because of ……. well I can't remember what actually but it probably involved running and fund-raising.

So why have I been so inattentive to my crafting activities? Well it's largely because of this, the Tilly effect:

See, I can fit in here
Whenever I sit down for a bit of hooky time she watches and then just takes over!

How can I ignore such a little sweetheart who throws her arms around my neck and asks to be loved?

Resistance is futile 
She's a great time waster and has Mike crawling around the floor dangling a length of yarn for her to chase.

Note the 'Hello Kitty' igloo (the label said 'iglootastic' so I was powerless to resist!)
As I type this she is sitting on my knee whilst I type with one hand.

I'm sure that eventually we'll all settle down and get into a routine of some sorts but for now it's definitely Tilly Time.


Kathryn Vercillo said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love the crochet work. And kitty. :)

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Kathryn xxx