Thursday, June 26, 2014

Simply Crochet Issue 20

Some time ago I did an interview with Judy from Simply Crochet magazine which appears in the latest issue, number 20, which is out now.

I was delighted to chat with her about what I do and why and I'm so grateful that they have published the article which includes a mention for the lovely people at deramores who have given me tremendous support over the last couple of years. Thanks everyone.

Although I haven't received my printed copy of the magazine I've seen a preview of the piece and was delighted to see that Happy the Hippo made top of the page! I sent loads of photos of crocheted items and it's interesting to see which things they chose:

Happy the Hippo who has appeared on my blog here and here

The chair-back hanging I made using motifs from Jane Crowfoot's crochet club 2013 which I wrote about here and here
The beautiful mandala I made using Carola Herbst's pattern which I wrote about here and here
In the photo of the mandala you can see that the red colour has bled into the others when it got damp which ruined it so it now lives underneath a plant pot in the dining room with just the edges sticking out! Lovely pattern though.

I'm thinking of having a go at making an overlay mandala of my own to send to Lucy at Attic 24 for her wonderful Yarndale project - have you seen all those beautiful mandalas that people have sent from all over the world? Just beautiful and all so different.

And then this photo taken before the London marathon back in April. You can read all about my adventures on London marathon day here.

In the end I managed to make 2 blankets out of the chains I completed during the race (read about them here) with some yarn left over to make 2 cushions for our gazebo (see here and here)!

Lastly there was a photo of me in the garden with my crochet. It was taken the evening of The Three Forts Challenge which was my 4th marathon of this year and I was enjoying a nice glass of red wine to celebrate!

It's funny seeing yourself in print and I often cringe at some of the photos of me that appear all over the place, especially when I'm running - lycra does nobody any favours I can tell you!

I'm off out into garden now to enjoy a bit of hooky time with some more African flower motifs (see my previous post about that little project).


Kathryn Vercillo said...

You always look great in your photos! Your smile beams out and serves as an inspiration to all runners, crafters and charity givers.

The article looks terrific and thanks again for naming me as one of your crochet heroes.

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks for your kind comments Kathryn. You have done a great job in speaking out about the healing powers of crochet and you are most definitely one of my crochet heroes xxx

Jacquie said...

Hi Susie, great news for your lovely blog and all your great work. I agree, you always look great.
Jacquie x

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Jacquie. I'm always trying to reach a new audience and hope that someone whose life has been touched my dementia might find my blog and know that they are not alone in their struggle. Susie xxx

Anne said...

Great pictures! i like the one of you in the garden!

Looking forward to read the magazine which will hopefully arrive soon here in Germany!

Take care

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Anne! I hadn't realised I was displaying so much cleavage!!!

pierotka13 said...

Susie, I like your crochet work, it´s every beautiful....:-)
Have a nice days :-)

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks for your kind comments Milena x

Holly said...

Your crochet is so lovely to look at! I have just started my own blog and feel very inspired so thank you!

Susie Hewer said...

Thanks Holly and I hope you enjoy writing your own blog.