Sunday, October 28, 2018

Allie & a marathon

I loved the look of this shawl by Wood House Knits when I first saw it so delved into my stash and found the perfect combination of yarns:

Left to right: 'Beauty' sock 4ply yarn from Lime Green Jelly on Etsy, 'Stormy fat lace/skinny sock (held double) from Debonnaire at Ally Pally last year, 'Spiced Plum'  Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply

i-cord cast-on with 3 stitch i-cord edging at each side (photo before blocking)

i-cord cast-on with 3 stitch i-cord edging at each side (photo after blocking)

3 stitch i-cord edging on reverse (photo after blocking)

Starting the mosaic stitch section - front

Starting the mosaic stitch section - reverse

I enjoyed the mosaic stitch section so much that I did an extra pattern repeat

It's such a simple yet absorbing stitch pattern

Tilly helped enormously

I loved watching the sections develop

For the final section I started to do the mosaic stitch but ripped it back as the contrast of the paler colour looked better, which of course the designer knew all along!  I also thought I might like to add pompoms to the 3 points but Mike shook his head and said it looked better without (I might not be fully convinced about that yet........)

It will be having its first outing very soon!

My Favourite Trail marathon

A few days before the Beachy Head marathon, Sussex County Council issued a safety warning because another huge crack had developed along part of the 7 Sisters (the group of hills we traverse near the end of the marathon).  

As a result of this the Race Director re-routed us away from that section but sadly some tourists still ventured close to the cliff edge!

This is always a very sociable event with lots of runners I know taking part, plus of course the lovely Ant Bliss and his crew from Sussex Sports Photography taking photos of us. Traviss asked us all to wear our Mega Marathoners tee shirts so we could have a group photo at the start (I opted for my pink flamingo cap for a change!):

Although it was cold at the start, the weather was perfect with bright sunshine and just a bit of a breeze to freshen us up.  The views were stunning and I really had to resist spending all my time taking snaps.

It was incredibly congested at the start as it seemed that a lot of walkers had started too near to the front and after we'd scrambled up the first hill it was impossible to get going properly for the first 1.5 miles.  There was also a hold-up at each road crossing.  No worries though as I wasn't looking for a specific time, just a lovely day out in the beautiful countryside.  I chatted with lots of different people throughout, got hugs from marshalls/chums and a kiss from Ant when he spotted me coming towards him as he crouched down taking photos.

Here are my photos taken at various intervals throughout:

Spot the White Horse of Litlington in the distance, far left

I loved the folds of the land in this valley

I always take a photo of this field as each time it seems to have been mown or planted in a different way to create beautiful patterns

Looking over the Rathfinney vineyard Litlington

The talented duo entertaining us outside the pub at the checkpoint before Cuckmere Haven

Beautiful Cuckmere Haven shimmering in the sunlight

Heading out of Cuckmere Haven up the 1st of the 7 Sisters

Looking back down from whence we'd come!

The colour of the sea was magical

Despite warnings to stay away from the edge of the cliff, as the chalk is unstable and liable to fall into the sea, these Japanese tourists still risked their lives by posing for photos right on the edge!

Marathon 159 completed in 6:39:57

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