Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Spring has sprung!

Spring is definitely my favourite season for so many reasons - I hate dark mornings but I love seeing all the flora and fauna bursting ibto life. Here are some photos of our recent visitors:
They're naughty and destroy the fruit trees but we don't mind as there's plenty for all of us. The next day after we had a mummy and 2 youngsters but we haven't seen them since. More of my Amarylis are flowering now and this next one is named 'Naughty Girl"!
As usual I have far too mnay knitting, crochet and sewing projects on the go which Shelley likes to help with! She also enjoys watching her new boyfriend from along the lane. As she's an indoor cat she's happy to play indoors and enjoys watching the wildlife through the windows. We do take her out on a lead sometimes but have to stay close to home as she gets terrified if a car/van passes along the lane.

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